Never Too Old To Be Young

The best part of anyone’s life is his or her childhood. Ask anyone and everyone the following question. If you would want to go back to one particular time period which time would it be? The answer to that question from almost each and every one will be their childhood.

Childhood is a period where the word responsibility did not exist as it does right now in our life. Today, responsibility is the state or fact of being accountable or to be blamed for something and that something could later become the possibility of greater things. Like, your job, your future, etc. Back then responsibility meant making sure you study after you watch your cartoon. Get inside the house before the sun goes down. Eating and sleeping on time. This was our definition of responsibility then. Looking at it, it’s obvious what part of life we would want to be living in.

The current generation had the privilege to live a childhood without any mobile phones or internet connections. Some might have used but they didn’t use the facilities prominently as we do now. They had the privilege knowing what it’s like to play sports in the outdoors on streets, in the park, and where not with friends. Bruises and scars are marks to remember these memories. Today’s kids rarely go out to play. They play indoors with their friends. The friends are in their own homes connected through the internet called multiplayer.

We as adults must try to give them the experience that we once had. One way is to buy the kids outdoor play equipment where you could encourage bringing their friends and playing together.

Need not be outdoor alone it can be indoor play equipment too. Building forts, water guns, sports, etc. are the best offline multiplayer games to be played than today’s online multiplayer. In this case find a perfect toy for your children.

Talk about their hobbies and help them enhance their skills through the hobbies. Take the kids out to the park and let them climb trees and fall down. Bruises will come and go but a good childhood will never come again. Let them feel what it’s like to be messy and what it feels to be like a kid. Never ever restrict a kid from experiencing childhood. This period will never come back. It will also make you want to take few minutes off your adult life and spend some time with children and even live a little part of your childhood as well. It won’t hurt for you to join them and show how the game is really played by the pros because you are never too old to be young.