So You Think You Can Make-Up


Cassie Santoro

Make-up is a part of everyday life for most women. We use it to appear sophisticated and professional at work, to glam ourselves up for a party and when it finally comes to the day we get married, we only want the best wedding make-up. With these cosmetics being such a significant part of our daily lives, it seems logical that more and more women and taking up TAFE courses on make-up artistry.

As a female, it seems like a great profession. You get to spend your time beautifying client’s faces and playing with make-up all day, and since we all have such experience with applying make-up it seems like it would be an easy job, right? However, what so many women forget when they begin these courses and suddenly imagine being a make-up artist to the stars, is that it is in actual fact, an art. There is extremely coveted skill to be able to perfectly apply make-up to every different face that walks through your door. Additionally, you also need to know your colors… Which palettes will work best, not just with the girls hair or eye color, but also with the outfit they’ll be wearing when they go out. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and despite the fact that you might apply make-up every single day, producing top quality make-up that not only lasts long but also looks impeccable is a talent.

The best organic hairdresser Sydney spend a great deal of time studying… not just throughout their courses but also as they progress throughout their career. Styles of make-up, contouring, shadow styles and the popular colors change with the seasons, and in order to remain in demand in this field you need to be up to date all the time.

Additionally, you need to consider the significant difference between applying your make-up and being a make-up artist. When you’re applying your make-up everyday, you are looking in a mirror and using your own face. You know what colors suit you best, you know the shape of your cheeks for contouring and you know your skin. When you’re a make-up artist, your whole system changes. Instead of looking across at a reflection, you’re actually applying the make-up to the reflection. Every client will be different, some will have flawless skin that you simply just need to highlight and accentuate while other clients will come in with imperfections and skin problems that they are going to want you make disappear and you need to be prepared for that.

Becoming a make-up artist is a lot of fun, it’s a unique and flexible job that is always changing, but it’s not as simple as you think. Great make-up artist are so difficult to find because there’s more to it than the basic rules for applying your own make-up, it’s a true modern day female art form.