Life After Retirement

Most of the people get early retirement and some people get retirement at their right age. When people are at the stage of pre-retirement, they may get upset with thinking about the retired life. When a person is young, he is spending the best time of his life; some people have a different mindset of adult life. They think that the adult life is full of tensions and stress, an adult person has a lot of responsibilities of fulfilling the needs of himself and his family, they cannot make time for themselves and they get relaxed after retirement which means after retirement, they are free from tensions and stress. But, this is not the case, adult life is far better than life after retirement because of the following reasons;

  • At the stage of adult life, you have good physical health and mental health which is very important for a living. Whereas, at the stage of retirement or after the retirement, your physical health decreases along with your mental health which will make you over think a lot of unnecessary things.
  • As your mental health and physical health at the stage of adult life is good enough to do every work effectively and efficiently, you get a lot of opportunities in your life and you can fulfil your wishes with these opportunities. Whereas at the stage of retirement or after retirement, there are very fewer chances of getting any opportunity and if there is no opportunity, you would not be able to fulfil your wishes.
  • At the stage of retirement or after retirement, a person is free from his work, and he is free from everything, he does not have anything to do, and the person sits free which makes him think a lot of things and the over thinking can cause anxiety which will cause depression. Whereas, at the stage of adult life, a person is very busy and does not have time to think unnecessary things. This is how he will be safe from over thinking, anxiety and depression.
  • As the person has nothing to do after retirement, he gets bored and every day like this will make him wait for his death. Whereas, adult life is completely different. A person barely gets time for getting bored.

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