How To Make Face Packs Work

Applying a simple face pack and hoping it works, isn’t what face packs are all about. Instead you need to make sure that you go through this mask properly so that you could gain the optimum results the pack is meant to provide you with. So here are some tips you should be following while using a face tea skin care

Prepare for the mess

No matter what kind of matcha recipes you might be using to create your own pack, there is always a high chance to be caught up in a mess. So make sure that you are prepared for it beforehand. If you are planning on working out a pack while you are cooking up something or finishing a paper that needs to be submitted on the next day, then you might want to wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained on, and make sure that you have got your hair tied up high and away from your face. However, if you are planning on using it while relaxing in the hot tub, then you don’t really have to worry too much about a mess. But then again these messes are unavoidable as well, so don’t mind it too much!

Work with a clean base

Before you apply any green tea skin care make sure that you start with a well cleaned face. Make sure to get rid of all that remaining makeup products and any other products you have used on your face. Use a good cleanser for better cleansing to make sure that your face gets the maximum out of the pack you use.

Work with dampness

Make sure that you coat your pack with damp hands directly on to your damp skin. And also don’t overdo it either. It shouldn’t be dragged and too spaced out, instead it should be spread well throughout your entire face and neck like frosting on a cup cake. Make sure to also avoid getting any product in the general eye area and nostrils. Spread the mask down from your face to your neck and throat. This way not only is your face getting a well-deserved pampering but so is your neck and throat. And it is essential that you do so, especially if you want to skip out on that wrinkly neck and young face look!


Don’t try to get too involved in things while you have got your pack on. Instead take that time to relax and spend it on doing something simple that doesn’t require too much effort. It is also important that you are conscious of the times as well. If the pack is set to be left on for 10 minutes then you should make sure that you leave it on only for that time. And follow the directions strictly! Once the time is up, make sure that you wash your face well with lukewarm or cool water depending on the pack you use. Pat your face dry with a clean towel and use it again in a week’s time for best results.