Best Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Since everyone needs to contribute towards energy saving, it is high time that you do some improvements around the house to make it energy efficient. With the increasing natural affects such as global warming due to excessive usage of energy sources, even governments are making policies and taking action against energy inefficiency. So if you don’t want to be in trouble, here are some of the things you could do.

Before making any improvement, you need to know the current status of your home in terms of energy efficiency. Bring down electrical contractors and carry out an energy audit so that you can identify any loopholes in your home which consume excess energy and any improvements that can be done.

Leakages of cold or hot air could consume lots of energy. You need to make sure your doors, windows and walls are sealed so that not air leak through them. Caulking or weather stripping will make sure such openings are sealed. Get help from energy professionals for this.

Your windows are the main reason for heat loss. Replace aluminum frames with vinyl since they are heat resistant. Get multiple panes; two or three argon filled panels can help keep the heat in during winter and the cold during summer. Tint your windows to keep away unwanted heat. Also, raise the blinds and open the curtains to let natural light come in.

Solar power is a highly used alternative energy source that is environmental friendly. It does not emit any harmful gasses or other substance. Using panels can completely cut off your electricity bill. Though the initial cost is very high, it is a worthwhile investment considering the benefits you will reap for the years to come.

While you are changing to an energy-efficient home, why not take care of the environment? Plant a tree in your backyard or front garden where sunshine falls directly during the summer. This will keep your environment cool as it will provide shade to your home and will not make you feel the need of an air conditioner.

Old appliances are very energy inefficient. They consume a lot of energy which will increase your bill immensely. New appliances will contain a star rating that will help you identify the most energy efficient appliances. It might be hard to replace them all at once so choose the most important and frequently used and replace them.