What Is The Most Popular Form Of Sport?

While there are many sports out there, the most popular sport in the world can be stated as the ‘triathlon’.

What is a ‘triathlon’?

A triathlon is a sport event which is a multiple stage competition within players which involves the continuous and a one stretch of punctuative disciplinary activates. A triathlon in simple involves the performance of three sport activities within a span of one day. The usual sports which involves in a triathlon are cyclin, swimming and running over a standard and recognized distance for each sport. There are different types of triathlons such as super sprint triathlon, standard distance triathlon, long distance triathlon iron man distance triathlon and so on. A person participating in a triathlon should be one who is good at all three sports which are cycling, swimming and running.

The difference between a triathlon and a normal sport event.

A triathlon requires the competitors to perform in three sport events in one stretch. While there are different attires that are required to be worn in different sport events, in a triathlon the competitors may wear the same dress for cycling and swimming and running.

How the competition takes place.

Every participant who is participating to the triathlon will be given a notice and advice about the rules and regulation of the event. The same equipment’s and the gears may not be used for all the three events. The event would take place in an area with a large space where the participants can perform all the three sport activates. While participating in the cycling event which is a standard distance of thousand five hundred kilometres cycling jerseys can be worn by all the participants. They would then have to cycle up to the point where the swimming event would take place. There will be a transition area set up for all the participants at each end of the event to change their cloths to much comfortable appropriate ones for the next event. However, a participant can continue the next sport event which is swimming with the assos cycling shorts which he wore for cycling too.

How the winner of the triathlon is chosen.

The winner of the event will obviously be the person who completes all the three given tasks cycling, swimming and finally the running first. However, the panel of judges would consider the factors of maintaining the proper accepted standards and if the winner or the person who completed the tasks first have not breached any rules and regulations set for the game. The secret behind winning in triathlon event is the time allocated for each event.