Top Things To Consider Before You Propose


Proposing to your partner should never be done in haste! There are lots of things to keep in mind before you get down on one knee and ask you starry eyed lover the question your very soul is bursting to ask. Read the article below and prepare for well the day!

Ask yourself if you are ready

Marriage is certainly not child’s play! You have to be dedicated to one person for the rest of your life when you get married. You have to forsake all others, take on big responsibilities, eventually make a family and grow old together. Ask yourself if you are ready for this big journey. The feelings of love, however strong they may be will not suffice in the long run when houses will have to be bought. You need to be financially stable to take on the role of being a husband. Make sure you are ready before you ask because once you do, there really will be no going back! 

Get the ring 

You can buy right brilliant cut diamond engagement rings or a simple band of gold. Keep your partner’s tastes and preferences in mind when buying this important piece of jewellery. You will have to make a significant investment in this. But it will be something she wears for the rest of her life so the costs will certainly be justified!

If you are living in Australia you can look for the best designers of better diamond wedding rings has. Do your research well and pick a band that will truly shine in your lover’s hand.

Speak to her parents

If you need to impress your partner’s parents with your chivalry, you can let them know of your plans before hand and get their ‘blessings’ for your marriage. Make sure they don’t tell about your plans to her because that will certainly spoil the surprise! Your partner too will appreciate your gentlemanliness when you seek her father’s permission’s before you ask the question from her.

Plan the proposal

You can get your friends and families involved or make it a deeply personal moment for just yourself and your sweetheart. It really depends on what you want and what your partner would like. If you think she will appreciate the company, let the nearest and dearest ones know too. Everyone will enjoy the beauty of the moment that way.

Once you do ask her the fateful question, prepare for the exciting journey that lies before you both and vow to create a world of perfect happiness and love!