Skinny People Issues

As much as the society considers it is rude to call an overweight person fat, it is similarly rude to call a skinny person a broom stick, a cane or a stick. However, people do not consider it as something wrong whereas calling a person fat would enrage anyone. There are also other issues that only skinny people would understand apart from being called skinny.

No matter how much you eat. some never put on. People who are close to you would know it. But it gets tiresome when you have to explain it to others who think you go through a period of starvation. This would even get worse when people start cracking jokes out of it as to asking you to refrain from walking alone as the wind might sweep you off or a tide might crush you down.

Another big struggle a skinny person has is to find pants that fit to your waist and butt, and is also long enough in leg. Even if you find the proper pants that will fit you up to your leg, you still might need a belt to hold it in place. You might need to work your heads off in the gym to gain a beautiful butt or do squats daily for hours to gain weight in your waist. However, at present there is a quicker solution for this problem. Botox injections are one solution for this issue. These injections would provide results that are quicker than working out in the gym for ages or doing hundreds of squats.

Being unable to try all the new fashionable clothes and no matter how much make up you apply, the skinny face does not show it off. People usually get more attracted to fuller plumped faces than the skinny ones. There are no recognised or possible exercises that would help one gain fuller or beautiful cheeks. However, there are so many cosmetic surgeons now in town who do a great job in making people look beautiful. Cheek fillers Sydney for example will give you full cheeks which would bring up a great change in your face. With this you will be able to use the bronzer, highlighter of any other make up as you wish in your cheeks.

Fitting into clothes that you wore during school and not being able to fit into things that you want to wear now is another struggle. For example, wearing the exact size bra which you wore during middle school can be a real issue. having to face people you know back from school days saying you have not changed even a little can also worry some as people do love to look matured and changed and not stay the as the same little kid back from school.

However, these things should not matter and skinny people should learn to build up their confidence and move on with life thinking that skinny is also being sexy.