Rented Vehicle Accidents? Here’s How To Handle It Right

Have you ever fallen victim to a simple mishap on a rented vehicle that you had gotten? Maybe somebody you know is going through a similar issue and you wanted to help? Or, maybe you just want to be safe in future when you do rent out vehicles for personal or business needs? Whatever the issue maybe, these are some of the best ways in which you can handle certain accidents and mishaps that you might endure while sing a rented vehicle. luxury rental sydney

In The Event Of a Sudden Break Down

A good rental agency will always give you an emergency contact number in case the vehicle that you rented has had a sudden breakdown. Therefore, before you decide that you can handle this by yourself, contact the original company. They may have some agreements in place with third parties like moving services and repairing professionals who can take care of this for you promptly and at a much lower cost or no additional cost depending on what the break down is. If you try to fix what is wrong by yourself you might unintentionally be putting yourself at risk for paying off a really hefty bill. If you have gotten a chauffeur driven cars Sydney option, they will definitely be able to make the calls and sort this out for you as soon as possible. If however, it is something very minute like a tyre puncture, it would be cheaper to fix this by yourself because it would cost more to contact and get the help of the agency. If you have had an accident do contact the agency and the police in the area as well.

In The Event Of Substantial Vehicular Damage

If this is the case, you will be asked to pay up by the agency. They will then start their procedure to evaluate what has happened. You will be asked to fill an accident report form by the agency once they have completed their evaluation. If you got the vehicle for corporate transfers Sydney and you are leaving the country, make sure that you contact the agency and handle this process as best as possible unless you want to get a legal notice to your home. The company will either take off the full amount that is due from your credit card or just block the sum. In the majority of cases, the charges that the company will make for you are higher than the actual cost of the repairs to be done and the whole process can take up to even one month from the day of the issue. The refunds if any, will be done after all the repairs have been taken care of. This is one very good reason, if there ever was any, to get the help of a reputed agency so that you do not end up getting ripped off.

If You Just Got Given a Ticket

If you have violated any traffic regulations or have parked wrong, you will get a ticket. The fines on this will be directly sent to the agency and they will charge this on to you. However, this process can take up to even one year and just because you think that you can ignore this, or that you will leave the country the fines will go away, they will not. Instead they will cause a really negative impact on your credit score and can even add up more charges on to what you have to pay.