Luxury Car Hire For Wedding

A wedding ceremony is an event in the life that is remembered till the last breath not only by you but by all the guests and relatives. So why not make it special? Why not make it memorable? Why not make this event like nothing before in the life? So, a wedding car in which you travel and go the church or the hall, this journey should be the best of all in the life time. A car in which you sit and talk with your wife or husband should be theatrical and the best experience. In a car, you talk, you look at the faces, you see all the way to the destination. The environment in which you are sitting should be the best class. That’s where we come in to give you all that you want and we help you make your wedding a dramatic one. On this very special day, you want every single thing to be special from your make up, your dressing, your decorations, the music and the weather, everything should be perfect for your perfect day.

So, we offer you the luxury car hire services like no other. When it comes to car hire then there should be no compromise. We help you to make your special day a really special day. We have modern luxury cars that we give on hire at very affordable prices. You can choose from different packages, either a single car for the couple or multiple cars if you are planning to have a bridal party. You can have all the same cars in bridal party in very reasonable rates. One of the luxury cars that we offer is Holden Caprice in silver or Champagne color. The other option we have for you is Hyundai Genesis in silver or black color. Your car will be fully serviced before it gets to you plus the whole car will be decorated with wedding ribbons so that it adds more flavor to your wedding.  

Our hire services are really reasonable for you, within the Metro Melbourne, we charge $132 for the first hour and then $33 per half hour. So, for 2 hours it is $208 and for 3 it is $274. It’s really easy and simple to understand the mathematics we do. If you really want your wedding to be the way you want then this is the best wedding car hire Melbourne for you. Why choose us? Because, we are always on time, we know the importance of time. Our drivers are reliable and fully trained, the cars we have are the most comfortable ones and are really maintained.