Lifting Equipment Being Used In Our Industry.

Any useful equipment used for lifting and lowering material, and includes any accessory used in work such as anchor, supporter or lifter is called lifting equipment. Examples are Overhead-cranes, patient hoist, tele handlers and fork lifts, goods and passenger lifts, and even may include a cleaning and suspension equipment. These accessories and machineries are the equipment used to lift and attach the load to the lifting equipment. Lifting accessories are a combination of pieces of equipment that are used to attach the load to lifting equipment. Any machine you need to use is selected by determining the overall weight of the load. Examples are fiber slings, rope slings, chains, hooks, eye bolts, spreaders, beamers, magnetic and vacuum devices.

Life equipment are also known as lifting gears and generally these are used to lift loads. Lifting equipment also include lifts, jacks, gantries, shear legs, hydraulic lifting pads and cranes. These equipment and machinery helps us to work efficiently in our daily life and even share half the burden of our industrial work and are very essential for construction work.

As we all know that everything has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. Below are some very common advantages and disadvantages of lifting equipment.

Lifting equipment helps us lift material or bring it lower in a short amount of time. Help us vastly in freight management. With the help of lifting equipment such as cranes, our ports are well managed because they help us setting up the material within a specific piece of land more efficiently and accurately and help us manage the heavy weight material which is beyond human capability to lift. But not being properly able to use these equipment, you should be very careful. As these machineries can cause severely serious problems. These equipment are also used in handling pharmaceutical material. These machineries also include industrial trucks which are used to move materials to different paths. Click here for more info on lifting equipment Brisbane.

MHE (Material handling equipment) is generally classified into five categories. Which are as follow:

  • Transport Equipment (Conveyors, Cranes & industrial trucks)
  • Positioning equipment (Crane Hooks, Position allocator)
  • Unit load formation equipment (interlocking parts, single parts)
  • Storage equipment (Storage carousels, Containers)
  • Identification & control equipment (Cameras, Night visions)

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